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We are determined to bring you fresh and untold stories from across the country with the ultimate goal of building strong and informed communities that are resilient and adequately responsive to social issues retarding growth and development by addressing challenges confronting ……

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I maybe dead by the time you read this message. What has happened to me is shameful, disgracing and worth committing suicide over. 

Last year, I met a man ……

What People Say

I enjoy reading stories here and I’ve read all of the published stories so far. These are true stories and a reflection of our Gambian society. These stories help me and lot of people to empathize and understand what others are going through and appreciate their healing journeys. Keep giving us more stories and more reasons to share nothing but love.
Mariama Cham
Social worker and Psychosocial Support Officer
The best part of discovering this site (Art Light Story) came at a time when I needed a big sister that I could lean on and cry out my sorrows, and laugh out the difficult moments. I’ve read stories on this site that convinced me that the writer has been spying on my life😃😃. It has been my place of serenity.
Sally Jeng
Hold on, this site is an absolute masterpiece! The stories here takes you on a powerful journey through Pain, Redemption, and the complexities of life. The characters are so well-developed, and the emotions they evoke are just incredible. These stories are gripping and thought-provoking and it will keep you glued to the last word. I couldn’t get myself to stop reading any of the stories.
Pa Ousman Touray
Youth Leader
The emotional richness of Satang's storytelling is both moving and thought-provoking. It transcends the screen, compelling viewers to empathize with the characters and reflect on the challenges faced by women in their homes and communities. Satang has a remarkable talent for humanizing these stories, making them more than just narratives but lived experiences that demand attention and understanding.
Sheikh Tijan Njie
University of the Gambia Public Relations
I can’t afford not extending my heartfelt appreciation to you for being an incredible source of inspiration and motivation through your stories. These stories have a profound impact on me, empowering me to embrace challenges, grow stronger, and work even harder to reach greater heights regardless of the obstacles along the way.
Pa Modou Njie
ICT4D Specialist
I love that I could see into the writer’s mind and read exactly what she was feeling when she wrote these stories. Every story has a meaning that reflects the realities of our lives on a daily basis. Amazing blog I highly recommend for anyone who wants to get into another real person’s shoes.
Momodou Colley
Editor, Paradise TV

Meet Your Hosts

Satang, founder and Creative Coordinator of Artlight is an enthusiastic young person currently the Advocacy and Campaign Officer of Network Against Gender Based Violence (NGBV). Satang seeks to promote gender equality as she makes strides towards promoting a free and fair society for all. She has contributed in training over 1000 young people on Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) across all regions in The Gambia. Currently, she mentors 60 survivors of SGBV and continues to be a living example for women in leadership through her leadership, volunteer and community services.

Satang Dumbuya